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AusBiotech produces a range of publications and media comment.

The twice-weekly AusBiotech Update is published in the BiotechDispatch, produced by DailyDispatch, and emailed to all AusBiotech members.

The AusBiotech journal Australasian Biotechnology, is a membership benefit for all corporate, individual and international members of AusBiotech. 

AusBiotech's journal, Australasian Biotechnology

The journal

Australasian Biotechnology, AusBiotech’s official journal, reports on research and business news within the biotechnology arena, and is published in April, July and October.

With its informed and authoritative editorial, Australasian Biotechnology is a highly effective marketing and advertising vehicle for universities, research institutes and centres, and life science companies wanting to reach out to decision-makers in government and throughout all branches of the life sciences sector.


Australasian Biotechnology is mailed on a name-and-title basis to over 2,500 AusBiotech members and investors. The journal also goes to high net worth companies and individuals with a particular focus on investment in life sciences. Readership includes government and university departments, research institutes, biotechnology and professional services providers nationally, and in key overseas markets.

Special corporate profile package: A leading journalist writes for you

Our corporate profile tells a more sophisticated story about your organisation’s evolution, assets, management and board, operational progress and strategic direction. Our writers work with you to produce an accurate, balanced story, written in a crisp and engaging style, without the hyperbole and jargon that characterises so many advertorials in other publications. Typically around 750 words (two pages of editorial, plus a full-page ad), our corporate profiles appear in both the journal and e-journal, and are ideal for sharing in PDF format, and for publication on company websites.

Advertising rates and specifications

Rather than a standalone advertisement, some organisations prefer to publish a corporate profile, comprising a professionally written article accompanied by a full-page advertisement. View the advertising rates, due dates and specifications. 

Editorial enquiries

Please contact AusBiotech on 03 9828 1400 or Advertising enquiries can be directed to Executive Media on 03 9274 4200 or

Good copyright governance

As a Copyright Agency Licensee, AusBiotech is part of the global creative community and is proud to demonstrate its support of Australian creators across their corporate and consumer communications.