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Proteomics announces half million dollar R and D tax payment

23 September 2016 via Biotech Dispatch: Innovative biomarker research conducted by Proteomics International (ASX:PIQ) has been boosted by the receipt of more than half a million dollars in R&D Tax Incentive for the 2015-16 financial year. The company uses revenue ge... | READ MORE

Senate passes R and D tax cut

20 September 2016 via Biotech Dispatch: The Senate has passed the Turnbull governments omnibus savings bill including the $600 million cut in the R&D Tax Incentive. Under the changes, the rates of the refundable and non-refundable tax offsets for the first $100 mill... | READ MORE

DibbsBarker to open Melbourne office

20 September 2016 via Biotech Dispatch: AusBiotech member and leading law firm DibbsBarker is expanding with plans to open a new office in Melbourne. According to managing partner, Stephen Purcell, the establishment of an on-the-ground presence in Melbourne is an im... | READ MORE

TGA review - Government responses to the key recommendations

15 September 2016 via Biotech Dispatch: Below is an excerpt of government responses to the key recommendations from the review of medicines and medical device regulation. The government only outright rejected two of the reviews 58 recommendations, accepting the vast ... | READ MORE

Minister Ley: reforms mean faster access

15 September 2016 via Biotech Dispatch: Health Minister Sussan Ley says cancer patients could have access to some new medicines two years earlier than at present under changes to be announced as part of the Turnbull governments response to the review of medicines and... | READ MORE

Labor backs R and D Tax cut Bill

13 September 2016 via Biotech Dispatch: The cut to the R&D Tax Incentive will proceed with Labor indicating its support for the Turnbull governments Omnibus Savings Bill. The Bill including 24 measures totalling around $6 billion in savings. Labor will support the B... | READ MORE

Industry groups asked to nominate again

13 September 2016 via Biotech Dispatch: The Department of Health has written to industry groups asking them to have another go at nominating a member for the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee. The possible appointment of an industry-nominated PBAC member wa... | READ MORE

Mining health data the future boom, not mining

9 September via Biotech Dispatch:The mining boom of the future could come from the mining of health data, according to Research Australia. The alliance of 160 member organisations tasked with advocating for health and medical research has released further data from ... | READ MORE

Turnbull Government revamps medical device committee

9 September 2016 via Biotech Dispatch: The Turnbull government will involve industry in its revamped Prostheses List Advisory Committee (PLAC) announced today. Announcing the new PLAC, which will be chaired by current Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC... | READ MORE

Australians back MRFF investment

6 September 2016 via Biotech Dispatch: Australians overwhelmingly support government investment in the $20 billion Medical Research Future fund and use the internet to check medical advice, according to a new poll commissioned by Research Australia. The national ann... | READ MORE

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