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30 success stories: Admedus Limited (13/30)

12 February 2016: Admedus Limited is an Australian-based healthcare company leading the world in regenerative medicine to engineer bio-scaffolds to be used in various soft tissue repairs, including a cardiac patch to repair and reconstruct heart defects that remains... | READ MORE

30 success stories: Fibrotech (12/30)

12 February 2016: In a record sale for a Phase 1 Australian biotechnology company, Fibrotech Therapeutics was acquired by Shire Plc in July 2014, and joined the Australian biotechnology 'hall of fame'. The acquisition provided an upfront of US$ 75 million, and incl... | READ MORE

30 success stories: Cancer Therapeutics CRC (11/30)

12 February 2016: A promising new cancer treatment developed in Australia by the Cancer Therapeutics CRC is at the centre of a deal worth up to $730 million, and is the most recent success story for Australian biotechnology in a spate of significant deals. Last mon... | READ MORE

30 success stories: Cell Therapies (10/30)

11 February 2016: Cell Therapies is an Australian company transforming healthcare by using breakthrough human cellular therapies to combat cancers. It is also re-imaging advanced manufacturing with commercial scale, new manufacturing capacity with unique skills in j... | READ MORE

30 success stories: Bionomics and Dr Deborah Rathjen (9/30)

10 February 2016: South Australian-based Bionomics has gone from strength-to-strength with dynamic deal flow under the leadership of Dr Deborah Rathjen, who also claims the mantle of AusBiotechs longest-serving Chair. Bionomics is a fully integrated, international ... | READ MORE

30 success stories: Minomic International Ltd (8/30)

9 February 2016: Sydney-based immuno-oncology company, Minomic International Ltd, was jointly awarded a prestigious Australian science prize recognising outstanding science that uses its patented antibody. The peer-reviewed Australian Museum Eureka Science Prize fo... | READ MORE

30 success stories: Hatchtech (7/30)

8 February 2016: When Hatchtech signed a licensing deal late last year worth up to AU$ 279 million for its head lice treatment, it joined the ranks of Australian venture capital and biotechnology success stories and provided more evidence that Australian research ca... | READ MORE

30 success stories: Cochlear and the cochlear implant (6/30)

6 February 2016: As AusBiotech was in its establishment phase 30 years ago, the first children were receiving cochlear implants; a landmark event for one of Australias major success stories, Cochlear Limited, which was established in 1981 and has since led to profou... | READ MORE

30 success stories: The cervical cancer vaccine (5/30)

5 February 2016: Ranking among Australia's most successful biotechnology success stories is the Gardasil cervical cancer vaccine. From its origins in ground-breaking research at The University of Queensland (UQ), to its use in over 120 countries worldwide, it is sav... | READ MORE

30 success stories: The R and D Tax Incentive (4/30)

4 February 2016: The fourth success story of biotechnology is the much-loved R&D Tax Incentive. In public policy terms, the 2011 introduction of the R&D Tax Incentive was a momentous and pivotal inflection point for Australian innovation. We as a biotechnology commu... | READ MORE

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